The Integrity of Voting Process

Voter ID laws impede on Iowan’s access to the voting booth and jeopardize the fairness and integrity of the voting process.

Business Friendly

As a small business owner, as well as a business attorney in Des Moines, I am intimately familiar with the needs of Iowa businesses and not afraid to fight to ensure the needs are met for each Iowa Business.


Today there are often security threats that can affect the integrity of the voting process. I have the educational background in computer science and will be able to implement effective computer security protocols to minimize exposure to cyber-attacks.


I am based out of Des Moines which means I will be able to fulfill my duties as Secretary of State most effectively. I will be present at meetings and be more accessible.

Modernization & Efficiency

My computer science, legal, and business background will allow me to streamline that Secretary of State’s processes into an efficient and user-friendly platform.