Meet Jules

Who is Jules Ofenbakh?

I am an immigrant and through hard work have been able to get to a position where I own my own law practice. After a successful career in computer sciences, I decided to pursue a law degree. With the support from my children, I attended Drake Law School while maintaining two jobs to support my family.

What attracted you to running as Secretary of State?

In a single word: frustration! I was frustrated with the amount of time it takes to do anything with the Secretary of State’s office. I saw the need for business owners, like myself, to have a streamlined process. Many of the processes overseen by the Secretary of State can and should be done online.

What one skill makes you the most qualified?

I am an attorney practicing in the business field with years of experience in computer science.

Why should I vote for Jules Ofenbakh?

I don’t view this as a political career; neither should the position of Secretary of State be viewed as a political office associated with one major party or another. Party line politics only bring risk to the integrity of the voting process. As a member of a third party, I am unaffiliated with the major league hitters who are constantly trying to pull for power wherever they can.